Kitchen Remodeling in Miami-Dade & Broward

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    Reasons to Remodel your Kitchen

    Kitchen remodeling Miami, in many respects is important and most frequently used room of your home. Believe it or not your kitchen is not only a place for preparing meals it is also the central hub of the home. The kitchen is the congregating place for family and friends who drop in. 

    Your kitchen is also your families planning center, office, message center, very frequently the laundry center, and a few dozen other things thrown in. There is probably no other room in your home that is used so frequently or for as many different things. 

    Since your kitchen is the most frequently used room in your home, it is also the one place that wears out quicker and will need remodeled or updated before any other. As you are already aware, remodeling your kitchen is a huge decision. The decision process affects everyone in your household and should be a decision that includes everyone living in your home. 

    You may not know every question that needs answers, that is why as a contractor that specializes in kitchen remodeling in Miami for over ___ years, I am going to give you some sound advice in answering the many questions that you may have or may not have thought about. 

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    About Kitchen Remodeling in Miami-Dade & Broward

    Average kitchen remodeling costs really depend on several factors:

    1. Layout changes will affect the cost tremendously. Every home is different and changing the layout could mean moving load bearing walls, adding headers and support beams, moving electrical, duct work and plumbing. 
    2. Increasing or decreasing the space size for a more functional kitchen will also affect the cost. Older homes have larger kitchens than those from 1970’s to the 1990’s. Space size will be a definite factor.
    3. Finishes will determine a large portion of your budget depending on whether you choose modest finishes or more luxury type finishes. 
    4. Lumber and materials cost is like watching the stock market, so depending on when you plan to remodel your kitchen material cost at that time should be considered. 
    5. The average kitchen remodeling cost in South Florida, could run from $365 PSF to $675 PSF or higher depending on all of the factors above. 

    Yes, absolutely it will. The reason being is that appliances wear out, cabinets lose luster, counter tops get scratched or dull over time, and the flooring wears, becoming hard to maintain. Depending on the remodel will depend on the value added to your home. The added value could be as high as 90% of your home’s value.

    In most cases your kitchen layout can be changed and made more functional for you and your family. Naturally there are going to be certain limitations imposed by the layout of your home and the space available. Based on the primary function, the kitchen can be divided into four major work areas:

    1. Refrigerator and food area
    2. Cooking and serving area
    3. The sink and cleaning area
    4. The dining area

    Each of the particular areas should function and work together and have a logical flow from one area to the other. All of this will be assessed during the planning stage of your kitchens remodeling. 

    After the budget is considered, contracts signed and agreed upon, the planning and design drawn up, then these 10 steps of your kitchen remodeling Miami will take place during the construction phase. 

    1. Demolition
    2. Carpentry
    3. Electrical
    4. Plumbing
    5. Heating and air conditioning
    6. Drywall
    7. Painting
    8. Flooring
    9. Finish carpentry
    10. Finish electrical

    Of course there are many other steps in between including cleaning before you are able to enjoy your new kitchen.

    Re-facing the doors and painting or re-staining your kitchen cabinets is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. This will save you several thousand dollars which you could apply to a few kitchen appliances.

    The good news is that you don’t have to move out of your house while remodeling your kitchen. You can set up a temporary kitchen in your back yard for preparing meals. Many homeowners do move out because of the high levels of dust and noise associated with the remodeling process. 

    If you plan on staying in your home, we take great care to block off all other rooms with heavy plastic curtains to keep the dust down and we can also install thick canvas for the noise. These steps will help keep the dust and noise down in the rest of the house but unfortunately you may have to dust daily.

    If you or any member of your family has lung health issues such as asthma or COPD, then we recommend that you find other accommodations while remodeling your kitchen. Here are five other air quality enemies that are common in kitchen remodeling:

    1. Asbestos: Generally found in older homes around duct work,  plumbing and certain floor and ceiling tiles.
    2. Dust: We live on planet earth, there is no escape from it.
    3. Lead: Found in paint, tile, and piping.
    4. Mold: found in damp areas of the home like behind sinks, tubs, and windows.
    5. Radon: Is a deadly odorless natural occurring gas can comes from the soil and can get trapped and build up in homes.

    We take great care when it comes to safe ventilation during the remodeling process by the use of high speed fans that circulate the air out doors, but not all problems associated with air quality, are not always visible until the early stages of demolition.

    Asbestos normally found in older homes could have been built over and then not discovered until they are uncovered in the demolition process.   When this issue arises the home must be evacuated and abated.

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